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Tuning into Music and Cannabis

Music and cannabis have walked hand in hand for ages, not because they're a trendy pair, but because there's something raw and real about the way they connect. Both music and cannabis have a knack for hitting us where it feels real. Let’s take a look at why this combo has stood the test of time and why it resonates so strongly with us today.

The relationship between music and cannabis isn't new. Long before cannabis became a staple in dispensaries, it had a place in the music scene. Jazz musicians in the early 20th century, rock stars of the '60s, and hip-hop artists today have all shared a special bond with cannabis. It’s not just about breaking norms; it’s about how cannabis has consistently helped artists and listeners alike feel the music on a different level. It's interesting to note that some iconic songs and albums were influenced by cannabis, not necessarily as a source of inspiration but as a companion that allowed artists to tune into their creative frequencies more freely. This shared history adds a layer of depth to the music we love and the way we experience it.

The experience is not about cannabis magically unlocking a door to creativity; it’s about how it helps lower barriers to self-expression and connectivity. Musicians often talk about how cannabis helps them "get in the zone," where their creativity flows more freely. But it's not just for artists. Listeners can find themselves more open to exploring new genres or hearing familiar tracks in an entirely new light. This openness fosters a unique form of connectivity—not only between the listener and the music but also within communities of music lovers who share these experiences.

Understanding that cannabis strains can influence your music experience differently is key to curating your perfect soundtrack. 

Sativas, with their uplifting properties, can make your favorite upbeat tracks feel like an electric charge. 

Indicas, with their ability to relax and deepen introspection, can transform a jazz or blues album into a profoundly personal journey.

Hybrids, with their blend of sativa and indica, can perfectly complement genres that straddle moods and tempos, such as alternative rock or electronic music.

Here's where it gets interesting: terpenes, the compounds that give cannabis its aroma, can also influence your experience. For example, limonene, often found in sativas, can elevate your mood, making it a great match for lively music. Myrcene, common in indicas, has a more sedative effect, pairing well with soulful tunes that require a relaxed mindset to fully appreciate.

Every cannabis strain brings its own flavor to the table, just like every music genre. You don't need to be an expert to know that some strains can make you feel uplifted, perfect for blasting some energetic tracks, while others can mellow you out, ideal for those chill playlist nights. 

We love curating playlists tailored to the unique vibes of different strains to create an immersive sensory experience for listeners. Take a look at some recent playlists we made, and stay tuned on our social media channels for new monthly playlists!

What cannabis offers isn't an escape from reality but a way to enhance it. Music and cannabis together create moments that are deeply personal and universally shared. Whether you're into blasting hip-hop, sinking into some indie tunes, or anything in between, stop by Northwest Cannabis Company for help matching your mood with the right strain.


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