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Northwest Cannabis

Company Values


At Northwest Cannabis Company we connect our customers with a broad selection of high quality Oregon Cannabis at an exceptional value.


We are a Cannabis superstore, offering a wide, diverse selection of Cannabis with competitive pricing and exceptional customer experience. We are not just another dispensary, we strive to always represent at least 100 strains and 50 different brands giving our customers the ability to choose the best products.


We have knowledgeable bud tenders that help our customers, from novice to expert, navigate the exciting and ever evolving world of cannabis. As our community embraces the profound benefits of cannabis, from improving sleep, addressing anxiety, alleviating pain, stimulating creativity or just having a blissful experience, we have a solution.


Our success comes from ongoing collaboration with our valued customers, the dynamic industry, and our talented employees. We believe in winning outcomes for all. We are an active part of the conversation around how Cannabis is changing our world for the better.


We believe in leaving our Northwest community better than we found it. We have adopted the Tualatin Riverkeepers as our local community cause. We donate a portion of our sales to support their efforts to build watershed stewardship through engagement advocacy, restoration, access, and education. Come visit us to find out how you too can get involved.

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