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High-king like a Pro

Ready to hit the bong and the trail? Yes, please! Read our tips on how to safely explore new highs in the wild.

Time to break out the camelback, roll a joint, lace up your boots, and hit the trail. Spring is here, which means it’s time to come out of hibernation to soak up the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. What better way to enjoy nature than with our favorite plant? Learn some tricks to making the most of your journey into the woods. Grab a bud, some bud, and bliss out.

Before You Hit the Trail

Know the Laws

It’s easier to avoid breaking the law if you know the law. In Oregon, you may carry up to 2 ounces of cannabis flower on you. Possession of over 2 ounces can result in a $2,500 dollar fine. Honestly, if you can slam two ounces while hiking, call up Marvel because we’ve got a new superhero, ya animal.

Know Your Trail

Don’t just feel like an adventurer, pack like one too. Adding a physical map and pen to your knapsack makes it easier to mark off dope spots to return to and keep track of where you are on the trail. Phones can be unreliable, and if you’re on the trail to commune with Mother Nature, why would you want to get email notifications? Don’t wander too far off the trail if you plan on consuming cannabis in an unmarked area. That’s how horror movies start. Being armed with a compass might actually come in handy if you’re the type that ventures off the beaten path, plus you’ll feel very Moonrise Kingdom.

Be Organized

Riffling through your backpack to find the oil pen is a pain! Save yourself from the scramble by compiling a toke-on-the-go bag. Gives you an excuse to cruise the internet for a ridiculously cute little bag.


Stay hydrated while on the trail, especially if you are consuming cannabis. High altitudes and cottonmouth (dry mouth) are not a pleasant mix. Take plenty of water breaks and bring enough to keep you hydrated to and from your destination. Having extra water on hand may be of use if you need to put out a lit joint or burning ash while smoking outside.

Snack Time

This isn’t just about having the munchies (ok maybe a little bit), but having some of your favorite trail snacks on hand can help you stay energized and focused when hiking high. Clean up any trash your snacks may leave behind. We recommend bringing something smart (nuts, dried fruit, jerky, etc.) and something silly (pop rocks, anyone?). If you’re susceptible to dry mouth, bring some mints to suck on or gum to facilitate creating natural saliva (yum!).

Best Products to Bring


Pre-rolled joints are a classic way of consuming cannabis in the wilderness. Everyone loves the bliss of smoking choice greens surrounded by nothing but greenery. One hack — bring an empty mints container (Mr. Moxy’s works perfectly) as an ashtray and butt bin. Be sure to clean up your filters and put them in a sealable bag when you’re done.

Dab & Vape Pens

A dab pen or portable vaporizer pen is a top-tier choice when blazing the trail. They are flameless smoking devices that are battery-operated for on-the-go use. There are vapes that allow you to add your favorite oil or flower depending on your preference, and they don’t give off as strong of a smell as smoking cannabis from a joint or pipe. Just be sure to charge it up before you go.


Perfect for the laziest of explorers (no shame!), edibles are a fun alternative to smoking. No need to clog up your lungs or carry gear, these babies are deliciously ready for any adventure. Beware, their contents are higher and not as easy to control as other methods. Take into consideration your tolerance level and the activation time. Don’t be the silly scout who eats a cookie at the beginning of your quest only to scarf down another in 20 minutes because “it isn’t working” and end up stranded and completely stoned. We’re speaking from *ahem* experience.


When smoking cannabis out of a pipe or bong, leave the glass at home. Glass is heavy and takes up lots of room in your bag, and they can break while you’re out exploring. Silicone pipes, bongs, and bubblers vary in weight but are much safer to bring on a hike if that is your preferred way to consume cannabis. Pack that bowl with one of our friends at Mary Jane’s House of Glass next door for a travel-friendly piece!

Trail Etiquette


Stay mindful of other hikers while smoking cannabis on the trail. Everyone is on their own journey and some may not want to smell or get caught up around cannabis smoke while trying to enjoy their tranquil jaunt. Find a safe, secluded spot near the trail to avoid disturbing other explorers.

DON’T play with Fire

Oregon and Washington are no strangers to forest fires. In order to keep our beautiful states lush, it’s crucial that everyone is meticulously careful with fire. Do not smoke near any dry brushes or areas. Anywhere there is moisture on the ground will be safer. Keep your eyes peeled for embers or ashes that may continue to burn, especially if you are emptying a bowl or putting out a joint. Keep water nearby to put out any heat or flames coming from your cannabis.

Leave No Trace

Do not leave roach buds on the trail! We don’t care what biodegradable brand of papers you bought, if you don’t like seeing cigarette butts on the city streets, nobody likes to see your roaches out in nature. We don’t need another Eagle Creek fire. Put out everything entirely before departing. Bring a discard bag for all of your trash and finished pre-roll buds.

Know Your Limits

Enjoy cannabis to enhance the journey, not to overpower the experience. You want to be coherent and aware of your surroundings. Remember — you can always have more, but you can’t undo what you’ve blessed your body with. Besides consuming in moderation, ask your Budtender what strains or products may best suit you and the experience you want to have, and your tolerance level.


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