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Eager to Soothe and Cookies to Dream: The Ultimate Indica Experience

We're proud to introduce two new strains here at Northwest Cannabis Company that have arrived at our dispensary, grown by Noblecraft Farm in the Pacific Northwest: Eager Beaver and Cookies & Cream. Both of these strains are bred by renowned breeding companies and have quickly become crowd-pleasers in the cannabis community.

First, let's take a look at Eager Beaver. Bred by Archive Genetics, this indica dominant hybrid is known for its heavy cerebral effects that are sure to have you feeling happy, uplifted and ready for a good time. The aroma and taste are equally impressive, with a strong earthy profile that is almost peppery, with hints of sweet lemon-lime. This fun and energetic strain is perfect for those looking to take their day to the next level.

Next, we have Cookies & Cream, a hybrid bred by Exotic Genetics. This strain is a combination of Starfighter and a GSC phenotype and is known for its dominant terpene, Caryophyllene, which gives it a sedative effect that makes it ideal for nighttime use. Its aroma and taste are earthy with hints of vanilla and the classic GSC profile, making it a true sensory delight. But don't let its relaxing effects fool you - Cookies & Cream is also a top choice for hash production, with its high resin content and aromatic profile making it perfect for concentrates and extracts.

So whether you're in the mood for a fun and energetic high or a relaxing and sedative experience, Noblecraft Farm's Eager Beaver and Cookies & Cream are sure to have you covered. Come by and see for yourself why these strains are quickly becoming some of the most sought after in the Pacific Northwest


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