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Northwest Cannafest

A New Annual 4/20 Event Hosted by Northwest Cannabis Company.

On 4/20 the Northwest Cannabis Company partnered with At The Garages in Tualatin to bring the best 420 music fest in Portland, the first annual Northwest Cannafest event.

At Northwest Cannabis

All day, the Northwest Cannabis Company offered a 30% storewide discount off all cannabis items and gave away 1927 S'mores, VooDoo Donuts, Mary Jane's glass and other Swag. Live in store entertainment was provided by Ben Zabin from Smokus Pocus and a live DJ.

Music Event At The Garages

At 4:20PM Northwest Cannafest presented a nearly 6 hour concert with live music from some of Oregon's best cover bands including: Tom Petty (Petty Fever), Prince (Erotic City), and the Beastie Boys (Grand Royal) and Ben Zabin from Smokus Pokus as Master of Ceremonies.

Vendor Showcases

The following vendors were showcased and were co-sponsors of the event.

Northwest Cannafest 2023!

We look forward to welcoming you to Northwest Cannafest again in 2023. Look for details in the coming months at

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